Don’t let a top performer become the one who got away

The longer you’ve worked in management, the more likely it is that you’ve had this experience: One of your best ...

The longer you’ve worked in management, the more likely it is that you’ve had this experience: One of your best employees puts in notice, and you immediately have a sinking feeling that it was preventable. The company could’ve done more to prove it truly values top performers, those exceptional people who really move the needle. Now it’s too late! You’ve been dumped.

We’re not saying that losing a great employee is exactly the same as suffering a breakup, but there’s some emotional overlap. Shock, sadness, and even a sense of betrayal can color the experience of learning that a desirable employee has chosen to move on. may not be able to heal your broken heart, but it helps your business avoid the mistakes that led to this one.

In order to build a highly-productive team with low turnover, retention strategies need to be an integral part of your business plan. The issue for many organizations: Management has a lot on their plates, and the time-consuming process of tracking individual employee performance often gets pushed to the backburner. There’s too much day-to-day stuff to worry about without dragging more targeted analytics into the equation. does the heavy lifting, sifting through data to give managers the snapshots they need in order to identify top performers — and recognize them accordingly, whether that’s in the form of promotions, spot bonuses, or even just saying, “Hey, I noticed you’ve been doing a really good job. Keep it up.”

Beyond simply identifying top performers, gives managers the tools to bring out the best in their teams. Each employee has a Playbook to design and execute customized Plays, each thoughtfully designed to improve his or her individual performance. This empowers staffers to easily communicate workflow issues or other key updates so they can continue to perform at their highest level.

Competitive companies employ competitive workers, which means that your top performers will always have the ability to pursue greener pastures. But if you’re aware of how much value they’re bringing to the business, you can employ the right retention techniques to keep them satisfied within your organization. The last thing a growing company needs is to lose talent to competitors in the space.

Awesome individual contributors are a huge asset that short-sided companies take for granted. The fact is, many of the people who power your organization will never be in executive-level meetings — but you need them, and in order for business to thrive and grow, retaining top performers is a necessity.

Let protect you from another nasty breakup. It’s rough out there.

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