Leveraging to Grow Your Team.

Trying to get faster growth out of your team or company?

Finding it harder to have the same success or impact on the business you used to achieve? 

That was my problem. I tried everything from process documentation to activity monitoring tools.   I had coaches, I had consultants, and the reality was …  I needed to figure out how to scale my business model. I needed some guideposts and a platform to be able to communicate to a much larger organization. 

One of the reasons we developed was to address the challenges of growth.

I don't believe holding companies or employees to tattletale metrics do anything but erode a great culture, especially during the pandemic.  If you're looking for a solution, because you don't trust your employees, then is NOT your solution. creates a relevant collision between a manager and an employee by promoting and provoking conversations that create clarity and effective performance.  It doesn’t eliminate the annual reviews that business needs for various compliance and human resource activities, it separates the two. asks three simple questions to the manager and the employee monthly.   On a scale from zero to nine…. How do you rate that employee's mindset, ability and performance?  The system uses the data from both the employee and the manager to spark the development of the employee’s monthly Individual Impact Plan (IIP).

The individual impact plan is one metric, which is the employee’s true north. It is visible and actionable by the employee regularly.  Success must be something that is achieved by the employee’s ability to execute. Lastly, the metric has to be relevant to the business. By that it either needs to drive revenue or reduce costs.   If you can't draw a line between revenue, cash flow, or profit, the IIP is not acceptable. is an action-based platform promoting business success by incorporating change management, frequency and clarity across the business.


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