Meaningful communication creates happy, loyal employees

As the digital world expands by the day, it’s easy to activate autopilot mode. Why memorize the date of an occasion or ...

As the digital world expands by the day, it’s easy to activate autopilot mode. Why memorize the date of an occasion or event when social media can ping you a reminder? It’s a time-effective solution that prompts a polite exchange among colleagues: “Happy birthday!” “Thanks, have a great vacation!”

I’m all about courtesy and kindness, but a first-rate workplace environment isn’t merely pleasant. It’s warm and welcoming. It fosters genuine feelings of community and even family. After all, many people spend as much time speaking with coworkers as they do with their spouses and children. That’s why it’s so important to use technology not as a crutch -- a means of breezing right past interpersonal moments -- but instead as a facilitator of thoughtful communication and relationship.

There are a lot of reasons to love, but for me, the most important quality is that it encourages a conversation rather than replacing it. People crave true connection today more than ever before, but with an increasing percentage of the workforce Zooming in from miles away, it’s not always possible to demonstrate tangible acts of kindness. For some companies, the days of handwritten cards on desks may never return.

And, of course, goals and OKRs aren’t the only reasons to check in. Some weeks are heavier lifts than others.That’s not a reason to check out; it’s an opportunity to engage. empowers managers and employees to actually share the stuff that matters: what’s going on and how it’s impacting their days. If you don’t take the time to understand your employees as human beings, you can’t expect the broad feelings of loyalty and trust that characterizes ultra-successful businesses.

Growth isn’t just defined in financial numbers. In order to thrive as mentors and mentees, context is key. There’s a phrase I really love: “If you feed it, it will grow.” It applies to both positive and negative situations. If the company environment is injected with toxicity, cynicism, and apathy, that is what will filter to your staff and ultimately your customers. But on the flip side, if you feed optimism, productivity, and compassion -- it will grow and flourish, creating a motivated, supportive team that customers will enjoy doing business with and keep them coming back.

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