Prioritize Your Tasks and Take Charge of Your Day.

How do you filter tasks? I mean how do you only work on the things that are the highest priority?  Especially when ...

How do you filter tasks? I mean how do you only work on the things that are the highest priority?  Especially when everything and everyone appears to be top priority?

Let me show you how I filter out tasks. The first thing… the VERY FIRST THING I'm going to look for is any of those tasks that hit my inbox that just aren't important. These are going to be the things that you know, deep down, absolutely can be ignored and there will be no negative repercussions on you, your loved ones or your business.  We hear it from people all the time, when they really need to focus their time whether it's personally or professionally,  how do they say no, better?  That can be tough. That's what these ‘not important’ things are and so, what we need to do is put those in our ‘not important bucket’.  At the end of the day, we're just not going to do them.

Wait...Not going to do them?  

Yes.. don't do them!

This ‘not important’ bucket is the big trash can for you.  This is the green light to say  “It's okay to not do every task and to-do that hits your inbox.”  If it’s not important, don't do it. 

The next two buckets are not so easy.  

The second bucket is going to be anything that hits your inbox that needs immediate attention. These are those tactical things in the organization that say “I need your help” or “I need someone's help”.  They need to be addressed right away. We may have an employee problem, a huge customer concern or issue, or we got a system that's failing that  needs to be taken care of right away. So what do you do?  Well if you have this is a perfect opportunity to build a play. Keep in mind, plays are the things that tell you the what, why, and how you execute those tactical to-dos and tasks that hit your inbox.  Once these plays are built, you're then going to immediately delegate them to the team. The great thing about this is,  not only are these things going to get done without you having to do them, but they're going to get done, most likely, better because your team is better equipped to execute the tactical tasks and to-dos than you are. They just know how to get them done. Your team is set up to execute with excellence because you work with them every single week on refining and growing and building on the plays with NOT for  your department. 

So now that we got the tactical things out of our way, the third thing we are going to focus on, is all of the strategic things that we need to do as a leader in our organization.  Whether it’s strategy, plans, or projects, we're still going to build plays because we're going to collaborate with other people in our organization on the processes, projects or plans so that our strategies  become better.  We're going to build plays but we have a different set of folks that are going to be weighing in on evolving those plays.. This is 100% going to be your priority.  This is where you're going to spend all of your time. The great thing is now you don't have the interruptions of the ‘not important’ tasks and tactical tasks so that you can become a better leader.  Your organization can grow faster and the folks that work for you are going to have the ability to get the things done better than you could have done them yourself.  Hopefully this helps you leverage these tasks filters and to better your organization.



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