Set Weekly Goals and Achieve Them!

Don't SHOULD on yourself.

Don't say … I SHOULD be getting more work done or I SHOULD have a better workout or I SHOULD be feeling like this when I workout.   Try to resist the temptation of rating or ranking how well you're doing when you're doing the thing you need to do. 

HOWEVER … making some changes is going to cause some pain.  And like most changes that help us get better/stronger,  it requires you to enter the pain cave.

And so here's the pain. 

The pain is you have to put in place some processes on a daily basis and it’s going to require you to do some things that you haven't done before.  To increase success, I find it has to be so simple that you absolutely can get it done no matter what happens to your day. 

So this is how we do it. 

Weekly Goals IMG

We set 3 tasks and 1 fitness task that we're going to get done for the day. 

Keep it super simple.  So simple that it's an absolute no brainer.  

You know…. something as simple as five sit ups, show up to the gym for 10 minutes, make 1 call to a friend or watch one training video. 

And that's where you start.  Overtime, the simple tasks become easier to accomplish and so you add a little pain. :)

It's real, real simple and that's what is amazing about progress.  It requires frequency and a clear task(s) to get done.  

Oh yea, one other very important part of this process.  You're going to want to do this every day.   Yes… weekends and vacations too!  Doing it everyday gives you a better chance of making this a habit.  Don’t overthink it.  Weekend or vacation tasks don’t have to be difficult.  They just need to get done.

Tips for filling out the Weekly Strategy Sheet.

You can set it up at the beginning of the day or you can do it a week in advance.  I find that the night before just makes life a little bit easier and allows for life’s changes to happen.

And then if you get it done, you just cross it off. 

You count up how many of the four items you got done that day and you put that number at the bottom of the tally.  

'Aha's, Hurdles and fixes

The weekly recap gives you a chance to reflect and hack your progress

  1.  What things did you learn that you were kind of amazed with (Ahas)
  2. What got in your way (Hurdles)
  3. What things are going to put in place to be better next week (Fixes)


And that's that's it. 

It's a real simple form. 

[Click to Download .pptx Goal Form]


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