Tackling 'garbage in, garbage out' AR workflow issues

Who hasn’t heard the phrase: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

A big part of my job is liaising between internal and external parties, especially for AR invoicing and collections, you already know exactly what I’m talking about: It’s nearly impossible to get important information to its final destination. A simple document somehow manages to become the world’s most difficult message to deliver.

Why? Because from the very beginning, the details were already muddied. Garbage went in. And thus, garbage came out.

Of course, nobody wants to hand off lousy information. And everyone wants invoicing to run like a well-oiled machine: The work gets done, the bills get paid, and year-end surprises are few and far between.

Unfortunately, the process tends to be way more drawn-out, an endless cycle of emailing this person, who refers me to that person, who’s never heard of the project but says to email another person, who left the company two months ago so the email bounces right on back. And here we are again at square one.

It’s an exhausting pattern, but utilizing I can help to fill in the internal communication gaps that make invoicing and collections so fruitless. A centralized, living software through which colleagues can easily relay updated processes in the form of a PLAY is a critical part of repairing a long-broken system.

Put simply, gets everyone on the same page. No more hunting down years-old notes in hopes of figuring out who did what Q2 of last year. An easily-accessible -- and easily updatable -- the record is right at my fingertips.

For people not responsible for AR, it’s easy to overlook how much time and energy the job requires. But if my finance team is under strain -- and trust me, they can be at times -- and the payments stop coming in, I notice it before it impacts my bottom line. By eliminating the process of “garbage in, garbage out,” I am making life easier on my employees, my clients and me.

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