Individual Impact Plan

Individual Impact Plans (I.I.P.) allow your employees to execute their business with excellence. Knowing every day whether they were productive or they need work makes certain every teammate has an impact plan monthly so that you don't have to engage with them on things.

  • Clear
    • WHAT are we measuring?
    • WHERE? Provide Link to Report.
  • Actionable
    • HOW can the metric be affected?
  • Relevant
    • WHY is this metric relevant to the business?

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Employee Performance Survey

M.A.P. - Mindset, Ability and Performance

Addressing uncomfortable situations, people or even performance can be really difficult especially if you leave it up to an annual review. Having M.A.P.s to guide you to have conversations monthly will make certain that your team is in alignment with you and you can address problems well before they become serious issues.

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Plays aren't built by one person.  If you have a play that you want to create, jot it down and then put it into action. The great thing about Work.software is the play will take shape because we involve your team to articulate what it is they need to know in order to execute that play independently.

A play is meant to help your team move forward without you. Make sure that your play explains why you're doing it, what you're doing, and what resources are available to your team to get the job done. The best Play allows a teammate to be able to execute a task without asking anyone for support.

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The Pulse keeps Work.software users up to date and informed with ACTIONS, MEETINGS and MINUTES. ACTIONS will notify users when M.A.P.s and I.I.P.s are due, when new Plays are assigned or comments need to be processed. MEETINGS schedule a day and time for the department to meet on new or recurring agenda times and a procedure for weekly Play review. MINUTES provide a look back at previous meetings, their attendees, agenda items and changes made to Plays.