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Creating A Work.software Web App in Microsoft Edge

Creating a web app for your Work.software Account

Microsoft Edge can create a web app for the web pages. These web apps will live on your computer like a traditionally installed application. 

To create a web app for Work.software account, first, log into your Work.software account in the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Once you have opened the Work.software account in Edge, you will click on the ellipsis menu at the top of the browser toolbar. 

Select the Apps option in the dropdown, then 'Install This Site and an App'. The browser will install the site as an app. After installation, the tab will close, and the web app Work.software will open in a new window. 

The app will now be on your Desktop and start menu (in your DOCK on a MAC). It will take the logo saved on the tab and use this as its icon, and it will remove the address bar and favorites.