Downloading Audit Evidence

Anyone with the following roles can download audit evidence at any time during the audit period:

Lead, Leadership, GRC Lead or Auditor

Accessing the button for the Audit download is easy  -- it is underneath the SOC 2 dashboard.

GRC Lead - Status Page Updated 7-12-1

Once you click on the download audit evidence button it will save the audit from the beginning of the audit period up until the date of download and will name the zip file as such. When you extract the folders you will see that the documents will load into the separate, specific control folder or folders that they are mapped to within the platform. Here is an example:

Evidence Collection w-o header

Being able to get a snapshot of the audit evidence at any given moment gives the GRC Lead, Leadership and your auditors the clarity and security of knowing exactly where the SOC 2 audit stands at various intervals in the process.