How to Authorize Google Calendar API

To connect to the Google API, you will need to configure a project in the Google API Console. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Cloud Console and select the drop down, where it says My First Project in our example. 

Step 2: When the Modal opens, under your organization, create a new Project 



Step 3: Name the project, Work Software Integration, and make sure to select the organization associated with the school district. Organization and Location should be auto-filled as long as you are logged into your account associated with your company's google organization.

Step 4: After completing Step 3, search for “Google Calendar API” from the search bar at the top of the page and select it. 



Step 5: After you arrive at the Google Calendar API page, enable it. 


Step 6: Now navigate back to the Cloud Console Home and Select APIs & Services


Step 7: On the APIs and Services page, on the left side bar, select OAuth consent Screen



Step 8: On the OAuth consent Screen, select User Type: External


Step 9: On the first Tab, please enter the following fields




Step 10: For Tab Scopes & Test Users, no data entrance is required. On the final Summary Tab, you can select Back to Dashboard for the next steps

Step 11: Once returned to the Oauth Consent Screen dashboard, Select Publish App



Step 12: A confirmation modal will launch. Please confirm 




Step 13: On the APIs and Services page, on the left sidebar, select Credentials. 



Step 14: On the Credentials page, select Create Credentials, and on the drop-down, select OAuth Client ID.



Step 15: On the OAuth Client ID page, select Application Type - Web Application and name the credentials “Google Calendar Credentials” 


Step 16: In the Authorized Redirect URIs section, add a redirect URI of:

Your domain preceded by a slash, and the route settings


Step 17: It could take a few minutes for these settings to be saved, so wait a short while for the updates to propagate.

Step 18: After waiting a few moments, copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the top right section of the same page. 

Step 19: Now, in Work.Software, switch to the Admin Role and go to the Settings Page


Step 20: With your copied Client ID and Client Secret, enter these in the necessary fields and save them. 


Step 21: After you have saved your credentials, the Authenticate button will appear enabled. Please select this button, which will redirect you to a google Authorization page, where you must select your user that is part of the organization.

The prompt will display all of the permissions that the Work.Software Integration will utilize. 


Step 22: After selecting Allow at the bottom of the permissions authorization, you will be redirected to the settings page, which will confirm the success of your authentication.

The setup is now complete!