How do I create an Interim Manager for a Department?

If a manager just left your company and you need someone to fill in while you hire their replacement, how do you create an Interim Manager to handle those direct reports?

1) First, you need to make sure the person you have chosen to be the Interim Manager is already in and if not, you need to add them as a user. They need to have both a personal and a Department role selected.

2) You then can delete the prior manager as a user. When you select "Delete" a message will pop up asking, "Are you sure?" and it will also state "To proceed, select a user to take ownership" of this person's responsibilities. It is here that you select the Interim Manager from the user choices in the dropdown. And then confirm "Delete User".

3) Your last step is to go back to "Manage Users" and select the name of the person who will be the Interim Manager. Scroll down and you will see a field on the right side labeled "Add Interim Department Manager". Start to type into the box below that label and it will provide a dropdown of all the departments that are currently in the system. Select the appropriate one and then select "Save User". The people, meetings, any plays or game plans associated with the prior manager will then automatically transfer over to this new Interim Manager and you are done!