How does my personal grade get calculated?

Your personal grade is calculated by measuring the intensity of your actions within

Intensity Score Actions

  • Points for Play Suggestions: Each suggestion will add to your overall intensity score. Remember all suggestions are displayed as part of your Weekly Department Meeting.
  • Attending Department Meetings: Each meeting attended will contribute to your grade, missed meetings will detract.
  • Hosting Meetings: Meeting hosts will see an increase in their grades weekly if they schedule and host a meeting. Scheduling a meeting and not running the meeting will have a negative impact on your grade.
  • Submitting Agenda Items: If you are attending any meeting, especially, your weekly department meeting be sure to post your agenda items for review within the meeting. Each item will increase your grade for the week.
  • Completing M.A.P.: Completing your M.A.P. is a larger component of your grade, a M.A.P. not submitted before the start of the month will lower your grade for the entire month.
  • Manager Completing M.A.P.: Similar to completing your own M.A.P. you need to ensure your Manager does their half of the evaluation. If your manager does not submit the M.A.P. before the start of the month will lower your grade for the entire month.
  • Successful I.I.P.:  Work with your manager after your M.A.P.s are complete to create an I.I.P. At the start of each evaluation period, your manager will determine if your previous month's I.I.P. was successful. An unsuccessful I.I.P. will lower your grade for the entire month.