How to Add Agenda Items to Upcoming Meetings from a Leadership or Advisor Role?

This enables leadership to add agenda items to different weekly department meetings directly from the Department Leaderboard.

> Start at the People Navigation icon on the left side of your screen. 
> At the bottom of the People page you will see the Department Leaderboard - choose the right department, in this case, the Executive Department.

> Go down to Upcoming Department Sync Meetings and select the “Add Agenda Items” button. (If you want to see what else is already in the meeting, click on the meeting date itself and then access the “Add Agenda Items” at the bottom of that screen).

> The meeting date will default to the top one on the list:

> If you want the agenda item to either be on a different meeting date or become a recurring meeting item then you select the symbol next to the bolded meeting note: 

> Here you will see the short list of upcoming meetings where you can select one date, or you can select “all upcoming meetings”:

> Then fill out the Title and the Description and if there is a file to upload hit the “Browse” button. You can then “Save and Close” or “Save and Add Another”.