How to Configure Company Settings and User Set Up

Setting up the Company, Users and your GRC Lead before you turn on the GRC Configuration Page

Log in to and the Administrator Dashboard will pop up. 

Select Settings and the Company Setting page will display.

Fill out the top 6 boxes to describe your company. Next enter the various departments within your company and using the add arrow, select and add them to the box on the right. You must have the departments set up first in order to add the users that correspond to it. Then make sure you "Save Changes".

Scroll to the very bottom of the Settings page to get to the "Manage Users" button. In the upper right hand corner you will see the next button that says "Create New User".

Start at the upper most level of the organization (President or CEO) and at a minimum put in all of the department heads. 

Once you hit "Create" the system will generate a temporary password and send out an email for that user to sign in and change their password. When you see that screen you will then want to select the "Update Roles" button.

Temporary PW

Each member of the organization needs to have roles defined in For the CEO or Lead person, you would check off "Lead" and  "Leadership" and the system will automatically check off "Default User" when you save the user.

As you fill out the details of the user's name, phone and position, make sure you select what department (if any) that they manage under "Department Managed". Since in this example the CEO is managing the Executive Dept. any members of his leadership team will belong to the Executive Dept. When you add any of them in later on, when you select the manager (the CEO), the Executive department will automatically populate as that person's department.

As users are added, your org chart will be created dynamically.

Finally, you will want to set up your GRC Lead during this initial User Set Up Process. Go into that user and make sure one of his or her roles is GRC Lead.

Now you are ready to start your SOC 2 audit! Please go to the next tutorial which is called "Setting up your GRC Configuration Page".