How to Create a Meeting Template

Creating different meeting templates can help you to streamline your GRC audit process. To do this open up your Meetings tab.

From the Meetings Pulldown Select "Create New Template".

We then give it the name of one of our Criteria Categories, select the host and anyone you want to be Owner Support. Both the Host and Owner Support have ultimate control over the Template that has been created. They decide what agenda items are required and they determine what users have access to the template. You can also indicate the frequency for the meetings.

Meeting Template Owner & Owner Support

Next you will select those employees who are "Template Assignees". Anyone selected can add agenda items or modify agenda items that are not deemed "required". Essentially, this gives those assignees the ability to make a copy of the meeting template so that they can hold say smaller group meetings within the same meeting category.

Template Assignee Choices

You will also notice that you have 3 choices for Template Assignees:

1) You can select the checkbox that lets you assign this template to all employees

2) You can select only specific employees under "Assigned Users" and/or,

3) You can select a specific department or departments.

Then of course select "Save".