How to Give Someone Else the Ability to Take Notes in Meetings

If you want to lead your meeting and have someone else take notes, you need to give hosting responsibilities to the note taker. This is also how you assign someone else to substitute as the host if you will be absent for a meeting.

1) On the Meetings tab select the specific meeting that you want this to affect from the dropdown.

Select Specific Meeting

2) Access the gear Icon.

Access the Gear Icon-1

3) As the current host, Sharon needs to close out her box under “Host”:

Original Host for Meeting & Xing her Out

4) She will then need to select "Search Users":

X out current host

5) Sharon then selects her new host, Dutton Reynolds from the pulldown:


6) Dutton will appear as the new host and Sharon then needs to add herself to the bottom of the screen as an attendee. And yes, Dutton will also appear there, as he needs to be in the list of total attendees.

Switch to new host - put orig host as attendee

7) Finally, when Sharon goes back to the meeting link, she will see that Dutton is the new host and he will be able to take notes while she leads the meeting.

Additionally, any actions during the meetings, such as moving agenda items to a future meeting,
assigning agenda items to individuals, and any other edits will be in the hands of the new host.
This leaves the department lead the freedom to conduct the meeting and instruct the note taker
to take those actions on his or her behalf.