How to Manage Tasks in GRC Checklists

The Checklists that are included in the platform have a set of pre-populated tasks to give you a starting point. However, you can edit, remove or add any other tasks as pertains to your company's policies and processes. In our example below we will be pulling up the "Employee Onboarding" Checklist.

First, you would select this template from the GRC Configuration page by clicking on the calendar icon.

Checklist Template - Adding Tasks

When you open the template you will see the tasks that come included with the program. The first one includes steps below it in the description area. By using the menu items in the upper right hand corner you can edit these, remove them and then resave the tasks via the "Publish Changes" button as you go through each one.

On this particular task, if we scroll further down, we can see that the host of this checklist made this a task that needs to be reviewed and signed by all attendees that are either in the host's checklist meeting, or they are assigned the template so they can hold their own meeting.

If we want to add this function to a different task within the meeting, access the pencil icon.

The next window that opens up lets you select the check box to make this task one that needs to be reviewed and signed. In this section you can also upload the actual document(s) or provide a link to the process that you want reviewed.

And if you still want to add any additional tasks, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to access the "Add Task" button.

Remember to "Publish Changes" before you exit this template screen.