How to Manage Agenda Items in a GRC Meeting Template

Once your templates are set up by the GRC Lead, the next step is to review the agenda items that were provided within each template by default and modify or add any additional agenda items. So choose the calendar icon from the GRC Meeting Templates tab on the GRC Configuration page.

Add agenda items to a newly configured mtg template

Your initial screen will look like this. Just select the "Add Agenda Item" at the bottom.

Add agenda item button on Bus Cont Plan Review Template

In the screen that follows give a name to the Agenda Item and provide additional details in the description area if needed. The description box is not a required field.

"Save and add another" if you choose, at the bottom of the screen.

You also have the choice of making agenda items unable to be deleted from meetings. These are mandatory agenda items. Just check off that option.

The resulting screen will show that two editing options within the menu icons have been removed - the ability to edit that agenda item and also the ability to delete it.

Another valuable option is to require that an agenda item which may have a policy or document to review, is signed either during the meeting or afterwards. You select that option within the agenda item screen and upload the appropriate file.

The resulting screen will show the agenda item with the link to the document, with a note and a button showing that this item needs to be signed by all attendees:

Finally, if you want to create your own templates, simply access the (+) sign on the Meetings tab and repeat all of the steps above.

Create Own Template - 2

If you haven't already done so, take a look at "How to Manage Tasks in GRC Checklists". The steps are very similar.