How to Update your Performance Numbers


Each quarter will ask the leadership team to add the latest financial Performance numbers. (Download Sample Numbers Template)

Users with Lead (CEO) or Leadership (C-Suite) roles can update these numbers by switching to the Lead or Leadership view and selecting the Performance icon from the main navigation.


Once in the Performance section, select the + under the labels on the Performance chart.


Select the target Quarter from the dropdown.


REVENUE: The sum of all products and services sold and recognized by the company. This total usually appears as 'Total Income' listed before COGS and before Gross Profit on the Profit and Loss report. Some refer to this number as Top line revenue

VCR (VALUE CREATION REVENUE): The category for the revenue that is valued by the company or stakeholders at a higher rate than other revenue streams.

PROFIT: The result of COGS and Total Expenses subtracted from Total Income is usually the last line on the Profit and Loss statement. Some refer to this number as Bottom line, net income, or if negative net loss
CASH: The total of quarter-ending bank accounts from the Balance Sheet. Appears as 'Total Bank Accounts'