Managing GRC Checklists

A group of Checklists come standard with's GRC platform and are handled in the same way as Meeting Templates are. Like the Templates, Checklists will have pre-populated items, in this case Tasks, which you can decide to keep, modify are add to.

To get to the Checklists Tab, a GRC Lead or member of Leadership would go to the GRC Configuration page, easily accessed at the top of their screen:

As shown below, all the templates start out as being unassigned and unscheduled. The GRC Lead or Leadership member should open each one separately by accessing the pencil icon and first deciding if they want to disable the template or not.

If the particular Checklist is not needed for the audit, select "Disable Template".

Once you disable all of the templates and refresh your screen, the remaining templates will appear. Access the first one you want to edit, again using the pencil icon. Then start to complete the items as follows:

1) First, choose a host. It will default to the person currently editing the Checklist Template but you can assign it to any other user by accessing the users under "host". The host will then be notified that they need to schedule a meeting or a due date for this checklist.

2) If instead, you would like a few people to be able to hold their own meetings related to this checklist then you would check off the second box down. You can then select one those users under Template Assignees at the bottom of the screen.

3) Criteria and Controls are auto-loaded, but if you want to select additional ones, they are available in the separate pulldowns:

4) If you selected a host, then define the meeting schedule: it can be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, annually, "on demand" or "does not repeat". And if there is a specific initial due date, access the calendar icon and pick the date.

5) Finally, choose the meeting time duration.

6) If you want to revisit this later, select Save. If you are sure you have it the way you want it, select "Publish". You will also notice that you can access "Revision History" at any time.

7) Now that you are done setting up the Checklist Template, it is time to modify or add tasks to the the Checklist. See article on "How to Manage Tasks in GRC Checklists".