Department Meetings

Setup and Start a Meeting

Department Meetings in include all department members by default. The department manager can schedule the recurring weekly meeting any day of the week and any time of the day. Once scheduled the manager can reschedule a single meeting or all upcoming and assign an alternate host if the manager is not available to run the meeting. A location field can be used for the physical location of the meeting (eg conference room) or a link to virtual meeting room.

Members will get an update in their notices and in their PULSE Actions when their meeting is scheduled to start.

Managers can click the Action to open the meeting, the click Start Meeting on the top right. StartMeeting

Any department member that clicks on their Action to join the meeting at the designated time will show as in attendance. If a member cannot join via, but attends the meeting the host can mark them present by clicking the check next to their name.


The meeting host can pause the meeting by clicking the red stop button.


Running a Meeting

Your department meeting is the 1 time per week that brings all department members together to discuss new agenda items, review changes to Plays and Game Plans made during the week and allows the team to run through all department plays.

Agenda Items

Agenda items can be added to the meeting by any attendee, manager or C Suite user. For managers and attendees, agenda items can be added by clicking Add Agenda Item at the bottom of their Agenda Tab within PULSE. 


Managers can remove agenda items prior to the start of the meeting. They can also move an item to a future meeting or set it to recur for all upcoming meetings.

While the meeting is in progress, each agenda item has three options to address the item.

1. Assign an item to an individual attendee. This will become an Action for that user.

2. Move the item to a future or all upcoming meetings.

3. Mark the item as complete.


Play Review

Plays are intended to be reviewed each week. This meeting feature will ensure all team members can see changes that were applied, modified or rejected for each play. The department manager can also 'run' a play review by clicking the play icon.


Once in Play review the meeting host has the option to modify, review without changing the play or skipping. Any of these actions will move you to the next Play in your department list or you can select the drop down to jump to any department Play.


Conclusion and Minutes

When all items and Plays have been reviewed you can conclude your meeting for the week by first selecting the STOP icon.


Then by confirming by clicking Conclude and Close.


Once you meeting is closed you can access the Minutes under the PULSE section by selecting the Minutes tab.


Once selected you can see the Meeting attendees, date and time of the meeting, meeting duration and each action that was taken for each agenda items.