Release Notes - 05/02/2022

Features added:

  • Ability to create and manage “Meeting Templates” for different types of meetings including assigning a meeting owner and others as owner support. Both of these roles can edit or remove templates. 
  • The ability to assign users to access specific Meeting Templates including the possibility to assign templates to “all users in a company”.
  • Meeting Templates have revision history.
  • The ability to capture an e-signature for each employee within their personal settings to be used for reading and approval of documents or policies.
  • The ability to require that an agenda item has an e-signature attached to it. This feature is activated via a checkbox when an agenda item is added to a meeting.
  • Agenda items can be signed off via e-signature during a meeting or can be completed afterwards by accessing the meeting minutes.
  • Added Checklists as another meeting type and the Checklist template can be set as a recurring meeting.
  • Grades must now be enabled within Company Settings at both the Personal and the Department level. When disabled, the rank in the department and the company will also not display.
  • Play Reporting must be enabled in Company Settings. If disabled, just the Plays themselves will be displayed.
  • Missed Meetings will appear in the Minutes tab on the Leadership view (Leaderboard).
  • Can now do uploads when adding an agenda item.
  • Allow one-on-one end-of-month sync meetings to be run after the end of the month.
  • Ability to link a play to an agenda item and then have it added to the meeting minutes.
  • Assigned agenda items will now show up in both the notifications and on the Action Tab on the Personal Page of the user.


  • Fixed an issue that when notes in a meeting were left blank, they were showing up in the minutes as “undefined”. Now the area will just remain blank if no notes are taken for a specific agenda item.
  • Fixed edits to agenda items not being saved.
  • Fixed Edit and Save icons showing at the same time.
  • Fixed initialization failing when adding a new user.
  • Fixed the instance when in a Lead role, the user tries to add an agenda item to a specific department, but the list of meetings is not filtered based on the department.