What are the different Roles?

Each user is required to have at least one 'Role' in Work.software.

  • Admin: Will provide access to company settings and user management.
  • CEO: CEO role applies access to the C Suite views (Performance, People and Playbook) and access to the Company M.A.P.
  • C Suite: Access to the C Suite views (Performance, People and Playbook), all employee and department people scores, M.A.P., Individual Impact Plans (I.I.P.), all plays.
  • Department: The Department role is for managers. If employees report to this user, they need the Department role.
  • Personal: If this user has a boss/manager they need the Personal role.
  • Board: Members of the Board of Directors require this role to access the Board view and board M.A.P.s and I.I.Ps.
  • Board Advisor: Board Advisors are given this role for view only access to the Board view, M.A.P.s, I.I.Ps and board documents.
  • Investor: The Investor role provides access to GCS data for all companies under investor portfolio management.
  • Contributor: The Contributor role has access to the Playbook to view plays, create plays for other owners and can make suggestions on existing plays.