What is a M.A.P.?

Mindset, Ability and Performance

Addressing uncomfortable situations, people or even performance can be really difficult especially if you leave it up to an annual review. Having M.A.P.s to guide you to have conversations monthly will make certain that your team is in alignment with you and you can address problems well before they become serious issues.

Blank Individual MAP

Addressing how you did at the end of a current month, you answer three simple questions.

1) What mindset did you bring to your job from both a personal and a professional perspective?

2) How do you rate the your team, the tools you have and the training that you've received.

3) Lastly,  how do you feel that you performed in your job based on what is expected of you from your job function and responsibilities.

Use the pulldown menu for your choice for Mindset and use the sliding bar for the answers to the two other questions.

Individual MAP - 5 Mindset Questions

Once you have answered all 3 questions and save it, the final outcome is this:

Completed Individual MAP