What is an Individual Impact Plan (I.I.P.)?

Impact plans allow your employees to execute their business with excellence. Knowing every day whether they were productive or they need work makes certain every teammate has an impact plan monthly so that you don't have to engage with them on things.

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Example I.I.P.

Manager: VP of Engineering

Employee: Project Manager

Individual Impact Plan (IIP)

Was last month's I.I.P. successfully executed?

  • Yes

Comments on last month's I.I.P.

  • Although the forecasted release date was pushed back, the entire product development team agreed to the change, in order to allow for additional features to be incorporated based on Beta customer feedback.

Clear (What & Where)

WHAT are we measuring?

  • “Product 2.0” projected product release date.
    • Onboarding note: While this date is easy to measure, you need to be careful that it is the correct metric for the product. For example, putting the schedule above everything else may prevent important changes to the scope, or result in a poor quality release. Consider tradeoffs while choosing the metric. The WHY section explains why this particular metric makes sense in this case.

WHERE? Provide Link to Report.

  • Product development plan linked here.

Actionable (How)

HOW can the metric be affected?

  • Proactively leading the product development team and maintaining sufficient communications between cross-functional team members. Push any new feature requests to post-MVP launch now.

Relevant (Why)

WHY is this metric relevant to the business?

  • Sales needs the product to be ready-to-ship by the current forecasted release date in order to hit Q2 sales forecast.

Select the Performance number this impact plan will benefit:

  • Value Creation Revenue
  • Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Profit


  • The product development team has agreed to freeze the feature set until release. It is now critical to maintain the date. Any risks should be escalated to the VP of Engineering immediately.