What is Performance

Performance in Work.software measures 4 key financial metrics each quarter. These are quarterly numbers, not year to date. Fluctuation in these numbers from quarter to quarter will adjust the Performance score. Users are also encouraged to define VCR or Value Creation Revenue, upload a Revenue Recognition Policy and start to organize additional accounting polices. Attaching each of those document types will positively impact the performance score and the overall GCS.

  • Revenue: The sum of all products and services sold and recognized by the company.  This total usually appears as Total Income listed before COGS and before Gross Profit on the Profit and Loss report.  Some refer to this number as Top line revenue.
  • VCR: Value Creation Revenue, category for the revenue that is valued by the company or stakeholders at a higher rate.
  • Profit: The result of COGS and Total Expenses subtracted from Total Income usually the last line on the Profit and Loss statement.  Some refer to this number as Bottom line, net income or if negative net loss.
  • Cash: The total of quarter ending bank accounts from the Balance Sheet.  Appears as Total Bank Accounts