What is the People Section?

The People section is the detailed area of Work.software that shows the progression of each employee as they complete their monthly responsibilities which start 7 business days before the end of each month. The following view is from someone that has a Leadership role and can see the entirety of the company.

Specifically, there are 4 monthly items that need to be completed:

  1. an employee's individual M.A.P (symbol: E)
  2. the M.A.P. that the manager does for the employee (symbol: M)
  3. the upcoming month's Individual Impact Plan (symbol: I)
  4. and finally, the Sync meeting (symbol: S) to discuss all of the above.

At the start of the end of the month cycle, all the indicators for these items will be red. E,M,I, S will progress to green as each item is completed, the goal being to have all turn green in the end.

The People Section also gives you the ability to view each employee's M.A.P.s (both employee and manager side by side) by selecting the first gray clipboard icon to the right of the "S". 

The middle gray icon will bring up the upcoming I.I.P and the third icon with the checkmark will bring up the Sync meeting, which can be held at any point in those last 7 business days or even into the following month.

Finally, towards the bottom of the page you can see historically how each employee has done with their I.I.P.s, as well as who is on the Department Leaderboard. All of these categories can be filtered by selecting the buttons above each section.