Release Notes - 04/21/2021

  • Change play review from opening to requiring a click on 'Reviewed but no Change' button.
  • Add a month filter in CSuite M.A.P.s list.
  • Replace department filter with month filter on department M.A.P.s list. 
  • Updates to MAP questions.
  • Add Play name to page title so its part of a bookmark.


  • Allow slash (/) in department names.
  • Fixed Safari users do not see the number on the sliders in the MAP form.
  • Removed ability to submit M.A.P.s for an employee who is not managed by the user.
  • Handle employees that have a M.A.P. for a department but are now in another department.
  • Fixed creating a play suggestion and then accepting before notification alert loads does not allow you to clear notification.
  • Allow users to create a password with all special characters.
  • Prevent M.A.P.s from last month from being editable after the start of a new month and changing the individual average.
  • For deleted Plays, do not display Play. Add a message stating the play has been deleted.
  • Add space in Getting Worse.