v2.05.1, v2.05.2

Release Notes - 05/05/2021

  • GCS history available for analysis.
  • Employee grades available on Department and CSuite M.A.P.s list.
  • Advisor Role
  • More descriptive and personalized emails.
  • Department Leaderboard added to Department and CSuite People section.
  • Updated page titles.
  • Refined list for Play Reporting
  • Play owner support added to Plays.


  • Conditional functionality so color reflects the scores trend on the People score averages.
  • Fixed M.A.P. headers alignment.
  • Play back button now worked via bookmark or email.
  • Fixed issues with Actions not being removed.
  • Fixed links Action emails.
  • Updated support tools.
  • Fixed Play Names in Titles are sticking after you leave the Play.
  • Fixed Personal dashboard grades.