v2.05.3, v2.05.4

Release Notes - 05/19/2021

  • New I.I.P. evaluation form prior I.I.P. completion.
  • I.I.P. reporting for Csuite and Departments, filter by department, filter by performance targets, by month.
  • Assign Play to an entire department, the company.
  • Plays revision history.


  • Fixed issue with Plays that did not have a department
  • On Plays show updated Modified or Reviewed date.
  • Fixed issue after switching roles, in the people tab on the dashboard users are displayed based on the previous role.
  • Fixed issue while editing a Play, made changes, didn't hit save and then accept a suggestion, you lost your change.
  • Remove AVG. ABILITY labels
  • Now loading live vs cached data on I.I.P modal.