v2.07.2, v2.07.3

Release Notes - 08/21/2021

  • Department and Employee Gradebooks*
  • Updated branding


  • Added number of game plans to departments grid.
  • Fixed an issue while editing a play within a game plan, it moves the play to the unassigned column in the game plan when saved
  • Fixed user has to refresh to see a created agenda item
  • Fixed when you reschedule an agenda item for all future meetings, it does not show in the meeting minutes
  • Display the date/timestamp MAPs are submitted and include the managers name.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

*Gradebook Notes: Department Gradebooks change weekly due to playbook updates. When you select an individual user, the user will have a monthly grade. In the department grid, selecting a within the month (eg the week of 8/1 or the week of 8/8), will take you to the 2021-08 grade for that user. The user’s grade doesn’t fluctuate week to week. New users not include a grade until the next month.