v2.08.1, v2.08.2, v2.08.3, v2.08.4

Release Notes - 02/21/2022


  • Ability to Schedule and Host Ad Hoc Meetings
  • New Meeting types are: Internal, One to One, Board, and Sprint Retrospective
  • Non-Departmental Guests can now be Added to Department Meetings including Advisors and Contributors
  • SWOT Agenda is now the Default for all Newly Created Department Meetings and can then be Edited
  • Ability to Cancel a Meeting in a Series
  • Ability to Restart a Concluded Meeting
  • Ability to Include an External Meeting Transcript or Recording in the Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting Minutes can now be Emailed at the Conclusion of the Meeting
  • Ability to Search Meeting Minutes
  • Employee Evaluations are now Finalized in a Scheduled Manager/Employee Meeting
  • Interim Managers can Lead a Department
  • Departments can have a Combination of Managers and Interim Managers
  • New Role - Department Lead - does not require C-Suite/Lead users above them within


  • Agenda Tab within Pulse is Replaced with the Meetings Tab
  • Updated Meetings Layout and Management
  • Meeting Minutes now Display Scheduled and Actual Duration Times
  • Meetings that Exceed the Scheduled Duration will turn the Timer Red
  • Meeting Minutes are Listed Most Recent at the Top
  • Additional Details are Provided within your Grade and Intensity Score
  • Updated Employee M.A.P. Questions Provide more Clarity/Definition
  • C-Suite role is now named Leadership
  • CEO role is now named Lead
  • Play Archive is now Play Library
  • Updated End of Month Emails to Managers and Leads show Status of Evaluation Processes and Team Grades
  • Grades for New Users are not Released until Specific Milestones are Reached 
  • Lead M.A.P. now only Available with Active Board Users


  • Fixed GCS change-log not created when Finances edited.
  • Fixed issue on personal dashboard, I.I.P. icon was listed first then M.A.P.
  • Fixed issue that was not redirecting links from emails to correct section when not already logged in.
  • Fixed artifact issues when deleting users.
  • Employees no longer penalized when the host does not run the meeting.
  • Now loading live vs cached data on I.I.P modal.