Release notes - 8/18/22

Items that Were Resolved:

  • New naming convention for Employee Evaluation and Performance Plan
  • When creating a meeting from a GRC Template with a frequency of on demand, meetings display as an individual meeting, not as a series
  • Addressed canceled meetings being removed from email client's calendar
  • Addressed agenda Items appearing to save but disappearing on refresh
  • Ability to input email addresses in user profiles regardless of capitalization
  • Eliminating the ability to select deleted users
  • Pre-populated GRC Template agenda items have menu options available to be edited/deleted
  • On Create Meeting and Edit GRC Template modals, the select user dropdowns now close when you click outside of them
  • Clicking outside of the Create Meeting modal no longer closes that window
  • Navigating back from the agenda page within Templates or Checklists, goes back to the previously selected tab
  • Canceled Meetings no longer showing on GRC status page
  • Ensuring that sign off on meeting minutes button is visible in all scenarios
  • Addressed Templates not showing up for assigned users and departments
  • Added current date range to export name - Audit Evidence DDMMYYYY-DDMMYYYY
  • If enabled, added Employee Evaluation and Performance Plan access to personal dashboard
  • Added hire date to manage users as well as on the user profile and job description
  • Expanded Game Plans width
  • Added Pre-Audit Readiness as a term for the audit, evidence would be captured in a folder called 'Pre-Audit Readiness - MMDDYY 
  • Added Automation Companies and Auditor Lists on GRC config page
  • Ability to take a snapshot of org chart in review meeting and save to its current state