v3.01.7, v3.01.8

Release notes - 05/30/23

Features and Updates
  • User Interface Update

  • Company Name added to Evidence
  • Add help buttons for integrations
  • Added SOC 2 Type I to Audit type
  • Flexible and Customizable Controls
  • Control Imports 
  • Updated Meeting and Checklist Filters
  • Disable Meeting/Checklist Shortcut added
  • Skip from Control to Next Criteria 
  • New Data Center Review Checklist
  • New Policies Incident Checklist
  • New Quarterly In-Scope System Component Access Checklist
  • New Whistleblower Policy Checklist
  • New Contractor Point of Contact Defined Checklist
  • New Board of Directors Briefing Meeting
  • New Board of Directors Charter and Expertise Meeting
  • New Code of Conduct Violation Checklist
  • New Contractor Onboarding Checklist
  • New Monitoring Tools Checklist
  • New Device and Media Checklists
  • New Network, Systems, and Infrastructure Maintenance Checklist
  • New Retention and Disposal Checklist
  • New Data Backup Procedures Checklist
  • New File Integrity Monitoring Checklist
  • New Configuration Management System Checklist
  • New External Support Resources Checklist
  • New Service Impact Notifications Checklist
  • New Third-Party Agreements Checklist
  • New Support System Available Checklist
  • New Master Service Agreements (MSA) and End User License Agreements (EULA) Checklist
  • New Service Boundaries Individual Checklist
  • New System Changes Individual Checklist


  • Fixed an issue not loading the correct email when attempting to schedule a meeting from the email notification. 

  • Added a warning when deleting an agenda item 
  • Addressed save then authenticate workflow when saving integrations
  • Added SOC 2 Type I to Audit type
  • Show More Button on Agenda Item Not Working
  • Firefox users are unable to use the sliders on the Employee Evaluations