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Save Time or Get Your Money Back -'s Security Platform

As a CISO, you understand the critical importance of conducting thorough and efficient security audits to safeguard your organization's assets. However, the process can often be time-consuming, complex, and prone to disorganization, damaging your valuable resources. That's why we're introducing's Security Audit Platform—an innovative solution designed to revolutionize your security audits, saving you valuable time and ensuring your audits are a resounding success.

Streamline Your Security Audit Process:'s Security Audit Platform is a game-changing tool that empowers CISOs like you to streamline and optimize your security audit process. By consolidating all criteria and controls into one centralized system, ensures that your audits are conducted seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively.

With, you can visualize your security processes, develop strategic plans, and easily implement robust policies. This user-friendly platform is a comprehensive organizational tool, enabling you to select and manage specific security controls while designating responsible parties for each control. By simplifying and streamlining your security operations, helps you stay compliant, enhance your organization's overall security posture, and achieve greater success in your audits.

Save Precious Time with Automated Attendance and Minutes: understands the value of your time as a busy CISO. That's why the platform includes automated attendance and minutes features, eliminating the need for manual tracking and note-taking. With, you can effortlessly schedule meetings, invite attendees, and accurately track attendance—all within a single system.

Furthermore, allows you to document meeting minutes, action items, and decisions directly in the platform. This centralized approach ensures that important information is readily accessible, reducing the time spent searching for crucial details and facilitating follow-up actions. By automating meeting management, maximizes efficiency, giving you more time to focus on strategic security initiatives.

Effortless Employee Evaluations for Enhanced Performance:

Managing employee evaluations can be a challenging task for any CISO.'s Employee Evaluations module simplifies this process, providing a comprehensive platform to track the employee life cycle, monitor growth, and document performance plans.

With the Employee Evaluations module, you can easily access the evaluation history of each employee, including performance plans and successful or unsuccessful evaluations. The Employee Dashboard provides a centralized location to track evaluation statuses, performance goals, and job descriptions. By offering a comprehensive view of employee evaluations and progress, helps you provide timely and effective feedback, set performance goals, and support your employees' growth and development.

Effortlessly Manage Policies and Procedures:

Staying compliant with policies and procedures is vital for any organization's security.'s Policies and Procedures module simplifies the management and distribution of these critical documents.

The platform's Policy Distribution and Sign-off feature allow you to set policy update frequencies and send them directly to specific employees or departments. With support for eSignatures, you can easily track policy acknowledgments, ensuring compliance across your organization. The Process and Policy Builder feature facilitate collaborative policy creation and real-time updates, ensuring policies remain updated and effective. Additionally, enables you to set review frequencies and generate reports to monitor policy compliance effortlessly.

Efficient Evidence Collection for Hassle-Free Audits:

Gathering evidence for audits can be a tedious and time-consuming task.'s evidence collection feature is designed to streamline this process, saving you valuable time and effort.

With pre-mapped SOC 2 Controls and Criteria, simplifies evidence collection and provides auditors with a framework for efficient review. The integration with Vanta further enhances automating and organizing evidence collection. This integration allows you to collect and organize evidence effortlessly, freeing up your time and resources for other critical business functions.'s evidence collection feature ensures easy access to specific security controls for auditors and other stakeholders. Navigating and reviewing the necessary information becomes a breeze, enabling auditors to assess your security controls effectively. By streamlining evidence collection and making it more accessible, empowers you to stay compliant and proactively manage your organization's security controls.

Save Time or Get Your Money Back Guarantee:

At, we are confident in the transformative power of our Security Audit Platform. We understand the value of your time and the importance of efficient security audits. That's why we offer a special guarantee: If you experience little time savings in your security audit process with, we will refund your investment.

We stand behind our platform's ability to streamline your security audits, enhance your organization's compliance efforts, and save you valuable time. We are committed to your success and want to ensure you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity with


As a CISO, your time is valuable, and security audits are critical to your role. With's Security Audit Platform, you can revolutionize your audit process, save time, and achieve greater success. From streamlining criteria and controls to automating attendance, minutes, and policy management, provides the comprehensive features you need to optimize your security operations.

Refrain from settling for cumbersome, time-consuming security audits. Embrace the power of's Security Audit Platform and experience the time-saving benefits firsthand. And remember, if you don't see significant time savings, we'll give you your money back. Leap and supercharge your security audits with today.

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