Tools and Features helps employees successfully document the completion of tasks, attend meetings, perform evaluations and improve policies and procedures by streamlining the audit controls into one system that organizes and guides the governance process into the existing workflows of the business.  This ensures the organization is not only completing the audits more successfully but improving the overall business health.  

All tools are pre-mapped to SOC 2 Controls and Criteria for evidence collection and downloading.

Meetings and Minutes

  • Built-in - including but not limited to: Board Meeting CC1.2.7, Execute Review CC1.2.3/CC1.2.4, Change Advisory Board CC8.1.2,  Security Steering Committee CC1.2.6, Business Continuity Test Retrospective (CC5.3.1), Disaster Recovery Test Retrospective CC5.3. , Sprint Retrospective CC8.1.1
  • Custom Meetings
  • Meeting Template Manager
  • eSignatures 
  • Required Review for Absent Employees


  • Built-in - including but not limited to: Employee Exit CC6.2.3, Employee New Hire CC6.2.1, CC1.1.2, Vendor Classification Checklist CC3.2.3/CC9.2.1
  • Custom Checklists
  • Checklists Template Manager
  • eSignatures

Employee Evaluations (CC1.4.3)

  • Flexible Evaluation Periods 

Employee Performance Plans (CC1.4.3 )

  • Plan the employee's goals and how they will be executed for the next evaluation period. 

Employee/ Manager One and One (CC1.4.1)

  • Meeting designed to review Employee Evaluation, Performance Plans, Job Description

Department Meetings (CC1.2.5)

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or custom
  • All employees within the department attend
  • Collaborative agenda items
  • Task Assignment
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Minutes distribution 

Dynamic Organizational Chart Builder (CC1.3.1/CC1.3.2)

  • Dynamic Hierarchy
  • Snap Shots for Executive Reviews

Employee Attrition Report (CC1.3.1)

  • Dynamic list built from date of last Attrition report review to current.

New Employee Report (CC6.2.1)

  • Dynamic list built from date of last New Hire report review to current.

Employee Life Cycle Tracker and Growth (CC1.4.1)

  • Track Start Date
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Evaluation History
  • Successful or unsuccessful Performance Plans
  • Optional Employee performance and intensity grading

Company Life Cycle Tracker and Growth 

  • Optional Department performance and intensity grading
  • Optional Company performance and intensity scores
  • Financial Performance 

Process and Policy Builder

  • Create and Collaborate 
  • Suggestion Approval
  • RealTime Updates
  • Review Frequency and Reporting

Game Plan

  • Strategy and Organizational Tool for Process and Policies

SOC 2 Audit Plan

  • Identify who or what is responsible for each criterion and control 
  • Document how each control is completed within your organization
  • Define the Gap between Control, Test of Control, and current status
  • Dashboard of responsible by the user, department, auditor, and/or automation partner

Status Dashboards

  • Leadership, Department, and Personal view for all upcoming completed or past due events.
  • Employee Dashboard, track status of employee evaluation, performance plans, and job descriptions. 

Policy Distribution and Sign-off

  • Set frequency and send the policy to one employee, by department, or to the entire company. 
  • eSignatures Support

Vendor Due Diligence (CC3.2.3, CC9.2.1)

  • Questionnaire Master Template
  • Distribute for Multiple Uses. 
  • Meeting for Review